Features That You Get In A Campervan For An Amazing Experience

If you are going to Hampshire in your coming vacations then you are going to have a lot of fun because of the beauty of the city, parks and mountains. You can get a luxury lodge and a local tour guide to get the real taste of the city. Also, you can hire VW campervan in Hampshire to explore every nook and corner of the place. Campervans are more like luxurious and comfortable mobile homes for your tour. Here are some features that you will get in a campervan for a relaxing tour:

A comfortable bed – the bed inside the van should be as comfortable as a hotel room bed. It is spacious enough for your family as there are two beds, upper and lower. You can get your desired mattress as per your comfort but most of the service providers put a deluxe mattress in it which undoubtedly is very comfy.

Kitchen – you have a mini kitchen in your van. This mini kitchen has all the essential features like a stove, sink and fridge. They are designed in such a way that when they are not in use, you can cover it and use it as a table counter. Also, you get a cupboard and set of stainless steel utensils within the kitchen area.

Elevating roof – a special feature of campervans is that they have elevating roof in them. You can extend the roof and it will give more space inside the van. This extended part is for upper sleeping area. When you stop somewhere to take rest or at night, you will be having an extra bed by elevating the roof.

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