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Reasons To Hire Private Guide To Tour The City

London is one of the greatest cities in the world which has a very rich history. There are many ancient structures and places to visit here. There are very interesting stories associated with the historical structures which you might not find online. Whether you are just curious or doing some study, a private guide private london tourswill help you a lot by revealing some hidden secrets of these places. Walking tours can be tailor-made with a tour guide in London and that too at affordable rates. You can have the best experience touring this city with such a guide.

Be free of time

If you hire a private guide then there will be no worry of time. He will remain with your group all the time that you will spend at some particular place. Whether you have a small or a large group, he will answer every single question that any person in the group asks. Such private guides are well mannered and talk joyfully to their customers.

Work according to your schedule

Private guides are flexible with the schedule. They don’t give their time but work according to your schedule. They will come to you at the time which you specify whether it is morning or noon or evening. The experts are familiar with the galleries, museums, and churches, etc. that are famous all across the world and they might also make you experience the hidden wonders that no one knows.

Places To Visit In St. Petersburg

If you are looking for beautiful and fun places to visit in your vacation, you can consider St. Petersburg in Russia. This place comes in the list of top tourist attractions where you can enjoy the historical architecture and various other things. Thus, you can take a St Petersburg city break and have a successful trip. There are several travel agencies through which you can make the bookings for your trip.

Places that you cannot miss in St Petersburg

Savior on the spilled blood church – this church attracts many travelers due to its colorful design and beautiful architecture. At this place, Alexander II was attacked and killed. This church has a huge collection of mosaics. You can see many local people come to this church for worshipping the god. The detailing and the ceiling of this church are mesmerizing and if you are an architect lover then this is the ideal place for you to visit.

City canals – several canals and rivers crisscross this place thus making it look like Venice. You can go to the city canals and do the boat excursion. This way you can see the magnificent place together. There are many boat excursion services at these places to give you full enjoyment of your trip.

Peter and Paul fort – earlier this structure was built by the wood and later it was made durable by the sturdy bricks. This comes under the list of most iconic and beautiful structures in this city. You can visit various museums and galleries inside the fort.